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Products and Current Specials

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Call Skip for prices and availability. Call 402 276 1391.

Brass cleaning Media,

Ground corn cob, 10-20 grit.

4lb bag for $8.00

Ground Walnut shell,                  fine medium or course.

4lb bag for $9.00

Red polishing rouge.  

2oz for $4.00

Rocket Stove, 

Camp Stove, Survival Stove, Quick Stove, Compact Stove

This is a compact, easy to transport and carry and easy to use version of the popular "Rocket" type stoves on the market.  Made out of heavy duty steel, designed to be stable yet easy to break down for transport.  It even comes with its own custom carrying bag.  

Special $49 each

Shot Bags 
Heavy canvas bags

We have a supply of heavy canvas bags about 6.25 X 14.25 inches in size. 
These are used lead shot bags and contain lead residue.  
They are printed on both sides as shown in the pictures. 
The front side is all the same while the back may vary with some form of lead warning. 

 12 bags for $5  
 25 bags for $10100 bags for $40

Thermal Blankets

Single bed size  

Great for survival or emergency use.

$5.00 each 

or 2 blankets and 1 spread for $10.00.

or 2 blankets in a water tight bag for $10.00.


$3.00 each or 2 spreads for $5.00

9mm Brass
We have cleaned, mixed headstamp 9mm brass.
500 pcs for $25.00
Call Skip for availability. Call 402 276 1391.

.40 S&W Brass
We have cleaned, mixed .40 S&W brass.
335 pcs for $17.00
Call Skip for availability. Call 402 276 1391.

.45 A.C.P. Brass
We have cleaned, once fired, Primed .45 Auto brass.
Call for pricing
Call Skip for availability. Call 402 276 1391.

Lead for sale

We have lead for available for sale is a few different forms. 
 20 lb. ingots

 1 lb. ingots

  2-3 lb. ingots

 droppings from radiator repair

Call 402 276 1391 for info on lead mixes and prices


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