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About Us:


At High Plains Shooters Supply we are dedicated to the re-manufacturing of ammunition and the manufacturing of cast lead powder coated bullets for the public. In addition we are supplying other items involved with being prepared for unforeseen emergencies with survival items.

We at High Plains Shooters Supply Inc. strive to provide quality bullets, reloading components, and other shooting accessories at a fair price. As shooters ourselves, we know the importance of good shooting products and accessories. We cast our bullets to our own standards and specifications and know they are high quality and consistent. We search for the best components, supplies, and accessories for ourselves and other discriminating shooters.

We don’t claim to have everything, but please ask and we will try our best to fill your needs. Give us a shot and you'll see what we mean.

We invite you to stop in at our store at 524 Willard Ave, next to the Genoa Leader Times. Or you can give us a call at 402-276-1391.

High Plains Shooters Supply started in business in 2005 when we purchased a casting machine and started making cast bullets for cowboy shooters. Since then High Plains has expanded to include carrying powders and primers to help in the reloading and shooting industry.

To help more shooters, we have been promoting gun shows in Nebraska since 2008 to give shooters and vendors a chance to find each other and further promote shooting sports and our God given rights.

In 2012 we started getting reject bullets from Hornady Mfg in Grand Island, NE, in doing this we have been able to supply the bullets for hunting and target shooters out there.

In 2016 we started coating our cast bullets in Hi-Tech powder coating. This coating helps keep guns lead free and easier to clean.

In 2020 we acquired our type 6 FFL license to manufacture loaded ammunition. We are happy to finally be providing ammo re-loading and ammo re-manufacturing services to our customers

We have upgraded our casting and lubing and loading equipment over time to continue to provide a better product in a more timely manner. We also have some new products and a few new bullet molds so check the list to see what is new.



    We are opening a physical store at 524 Willard Avenue,in Genoa Nebraska. Hours will be limited to start, but appointments are encouraged. Just call if your coming through and someone can be here.
    We will have a wide assortment of bullets for sale.
    Also we will be able to provide brass, powder, primers and tools for all your reloading needs.
    We will carry various supplies that shooters can use. (cleaning kits, etc..)
    Soon we will be introducing our own line of ammunition.
    Eventually we may care a limited selection of guns and parts.
    We are looking forward to this exciting move.
    Feel free to call us anytime for information on the new store or any of your shooing supply needs.

  2. Contact us by calling Skip at: 402 276 1391
    or Email to: scruffyskippy@gmail.com

  3. Announcement!
    Introducing our own "High Plains Ammo" re-manufactured ammunition
    Stocking common calibers and offering custom loading by request.
    Feel free to call us anytime for information on ammunition . 402-276-1391